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How can you help?

As we complete the details of the Green Party of Canada Leadership contest, we need a little help. We have bills to pay and need those who pledged donations to follow through.

As of 1 September, you can donate directly to my Leadership Campaign by an e-transfer at Please follow up with an email, to the same address, containing your contact information, so that our Official Agent Krista Grear can prepare a tax receipt for you.

We want to we keep Elections Canada & our Auditor happy.

NOTE: Donations by e-transfer do not have 25% withheld by the party. This means that the entire amount will be used to cover the costs of running this campaign.

Thank you so very much for your support!


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La maison de Judy N Green se trouve en Mi'kma'ki, le territoire traditionnel et non cédé du peuple Mi'kma.


En vertu des «Traités de paix et d'amitié», nous sommes tous membres.

Nous tenons à remercier nos voisins L'sitkuk (Bear River) pour leur patience et leur soutien continu, alors que nous nous efforçons de mieux comprendre leur culture autochtone et leur vision globale.

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